Girls Ought to Hug Their Companion Earlier than Nerve-racking Occasions

It is no secret that consensual physical touch has a number of advantages, however are there variations between women and men in how contact impacts stress? That is what this examine sought to search out out.

The researchers analyzed 76 individuals who have been in romantic relationships as a way to take a look at how hugging affected stress levels. They have been instructed to maintain a hand submerged in an ice-water bathtub for 3 minutes, all whereas being noticed and looking out right into a digital camera (a aggravating expertise, little doubt).

However earlier than that, half of the individuals hugged their romantic associate, and the opposite half didn’t. The concept was to see whether or not hugging earlier than the aggravating occasion would affect the individuals’ stress response, which researchers assessed primarily based on cortisol levels of their saliva, their blood stress, and their emotional state.

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