Why You Ought to Apply Lotion Earlier than & After Utilizing Self-Tanner

Self-tanning takes some prep work if you need it to prove even and streak-free. The pre-tan routine goes as follows: exfoliate, shave (if you wish to), let your pores and skin dry, then apply your tanning product. Chances are you’ll need to keep away from moisturizing proper earlier than rubbing in self-tanner, because the product will not unfold as evenly or penetrate the pores and skin as deeply (which means it will not final as lengthy). That being mentioned, there are some areas on the physique it’s possible you’ll need to hydrate pre-tan utility. This consists of any areas which are liable to dryness or have extra cracks and folds. The primary areas to give attention to? The palms, toes, elbows, and knees. 

It is essential to use lotion to those areas; in any other case, the tanning product might get caught up within the cracks and folds, creating darker spots in some areas and lighter patches in others. Making use of lotion beforehand helps the product unfold extra evenly in tough areas, like these talked about, in addition to when you’re coping with dry pores and skin throughout. Simply be certain that to make use of a lotion that focuses solely on hydration quite than one which folds in chemical exfoliants like AHAs or BHAs. Learn: When you layer on an exfoliating lotion earlier than you apply a self-tanner, there’s an opportunity it will not go on evenly. 

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