Why Thoughts Wandering Does not Make You Happier & What To Do As a substitute

Then, after the research, individuals have been requested what they have been doing, whether or not their thoughts was wandering, and the character of the topic they have been occupied with. Had their minds wandered to a “nice” topic, a “impartial” one, or an “disagreeable” one?

The researchers discovered that about half the time, individuals’s minds wandered to a nice subject. In these situations, the research individuals described themselves as being no happier or much less glad than once they weren’t experiencing thoughts wandering.

In different phrases, an individual having a nice daydream isn’t necessarily a happier person.

In the meantime, the opposite half of the time (on common), research individuals described their minds as wandering to a impartial or disagreeable topic. In both case, these individuals have been sad.

“In conclusion,” the researchers wrote, “a human thoughts is a wandering thoughts, and a wandering thoughts is an sad thoughts. The power to consider what just isn’t taking place is a cognitive achievement that comes at an emotional value.”

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