Why ENFJs Battle With Being Too Empathetic + How To Deal with It

ENFJ stands for extrovertedintuitive, feeling, and judging, and with simply 2.5% of the inhabitants falling below this sort, it is one of many rarest ones out of the 16 personalities. They seem to be a very pleasant and outgoing kind, however they’ll additionally battle on the subject of placing their very own wants earlier than others’ wants.

As Michael Segovia, a senior advisor at The Myers-Briggs Company, beforehand defined to mbg, when ENFJs make selections, they’re actually involved about their affect on different folks. “This, nevertheless,” he explains, “can cause them to spend a lot time making lodging to present folks what they need that it will possibly turn into exhausting for them, particularly if they do not maintain themselves first.”

The unlucky actuality is that typically folks make the most of these with too much empathy and never sufficient boundaries. After we empathize with out boundaries, we’re extra more likely to get caught up in one-sided relationships, make excuses for inexcusable conduct, and diminish our personal wants—all on the expense of our personal well-being.

Whereas it is actually not a foul factor that ENFJs wish to assist folks, John Hackston, head of thought management at The Myers-Briggs Firm, provides that typically it may be an excessive amount of even for the folks you are attempting to assist. “Typically ENFJs overstep folks’s boundaries with out noticing,” he notes.

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