Why Dates Can Trigger Blood Sugar Spikes + How To Forestall It

The rationale why dates have such a profound affect on blood sugar is as a result of they’re dried fruits: “As quickly as you denature a chunk of fruit–whether or not you focus it to place in yogurt, you juice it to make an orange juice, otherwise you dry it and use it for its sweetness–you’re creating a giant glucose spike in your physique,” Inchauspe explains. “Your physique doesn’t know the distinction between sugar coming from fruit or sugar coming from a can of [soda]. It’s all processed the identical.”

Now, one or two dates may not have a profound affect, however the situation arises when a product comprises a excessive focus of dates. Inchauspe notably highlights all-natural snack bars, as these are sometimes loaded with dates to attain texture and taste enchantment. “They may say all-natural or no sugar added, however you then have a look at the label and it’s simply 10 dates and a few walnuts,” she says, which might spike your blood sugar all the identical.

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