What It Is + How To Steadiness It, From A TCM Knowledgeable

Chi is greatest understood in relation to yin and yang. The ideas of yin and yang idea are based mostly on dynamic stability by way of the motion of chi vitality. Chi is invisible, solely seen by means of the affect it has on residing beings and materials varieties.

Magnets are an instance of chi in accordance with yin and yang: One aspect is north; the opposing aspect is south. They push and pull, however when spun collectively they’re a generator of electrical energy.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it’s believed that every one important features inside the physique are additionally ruled by the modifications and actions of various kinds of chi, together with Yuan chi (major chi), Zong chi (chest or lung), Ying chi (nutritive), and Wei chi (defensive chi).

Chi is believed to run by means of vitality pathways within the physique often known as meridians. When the physique is out of stability, TCM practitioners have a look at what signs are occurring and what chi sample is presenting itself. 

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