What It Is, How It Works + Professional Suggestions On How To Use It

Cedar Anderson had the concept for the Movement Hive in his 20s, after years of holding bees and extracting honey the old school method.

To get honey out of a traditional beehive, it’s good to take away one of many hive’s frames at a time, brush off the bees, and carry the body to a tool known as a centrifuge, which extracts honey from the honeycombs. From there, you sieve and filter your honey and put the body again the place you discovered it. It is a time-consuming course of that requires some endurance.

“I sat there someday and went, cling on, there should be a greater method. Cannot we simply faucet the honey straight out of the hive and go away the bees be?” Anderson tells mbg on a name from his residence in Australia. From there, Anderson and his father, Stuart, set out on a decades-long course of to reinvent the beehive to simplify its extraction course of.

The result’s the Flow Hive, which permits beekeepers to easily twist a deal with and watch honey stream straight out; no centrifuge or disassembly required. The Movement Hive broke crowdfunding data when it first launched in 2015, and it now has 75,000 customers in over 130 nations world wide.

“The house beekeeping neighborhood is amazingly enthusiastic about Movement Hive,” says Anderson. “I feel what’s occurred is it has created an entire new expertise for yard beekeepers. You’ll be able to sit there with your loved ones filling up jars of honey in a method that wasn’t doable earlier than.”

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