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Structured Gel Manicures Are the Underrated Trick Each Nail Biter Must Know

Soar forward, or conserving studying to study every little thing you must know from A to Z about this little-known approach.

What, precisely, is a structured gel manicure?

As its title suggests, a structured gel manicure is a gel-based technique that focuses on restructuring the look and form of your nails.

One of these manicure is supposed to bolster your pure nail with a supportive layer of rubber-based gel to guard your pure nails from breakage. It additionally mends damaged free edges (bye-bye, frustrating hangnails) and conceals ridges and discoloration. Seems like a dream? This is the slight catch: structured manicures put emphasis on 3D styling somewhat than 2D artwork, which implies it requires time, endurance, and precision in an effort to create a natural-looking layer that replicates the pure arch and shape of your nail.

New York-based nail stylist Elle Gerstein compares the process to “laying a tile ground on a great mud job. When you do not do the mud job accurately, what is going on to occur to the tile? It may crack.”

Kandalec says structured gel manicures are useful for all nail varieties, particularly nail biters or these attempting to develop out broken nails. “Having any enhancement on for an extended time frame might help the hyponychium (the pores and skin beneath the free edge) reattach itself after it has been torn too low or bitten an excessive amount of,” she says. Gerstein provides that getting a structured gel manicure can even assist align crooked nails.

How are structured gel manicures totally different from acrylic nails?

We all know what you are pondering: Is not this sort of like an acrylic manicure? Nicely, not likely. The general thought of making a protecting layer to restructure the pure nail is all the 2 kinds of manicures have in frequent. New York Metropolis-based nail stylist Gina Edwards says that not like acrylics, the rubber-gel base used for a historically structured manicure is lighter on the nail compared to acrylic, plus the previous takes much less time to soak off when submerged into acetone than acrylic or arduous gels because of its excessive viscosity.

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