Hematite Crystal: Therapeutic Properties, How To Use + Extra

What’s hematite?

Hematite is an iron-based mineral that is really chemically the identical as widespread rust, based on crystal knowledgeable Yulia Van Doren of goldirocks. It is initially a rusty-red colour and will get its distinctive metallic grey sheen when polished, and is present in Brazil, Canada, England, the U.S., Venezuela, and extra.

“Hematite’s title actually means ‘blood stone,’ because it comes from the Greek phrase for blood, haima,” Van Doren says, including that it is lengthy been revered by many cultures for cover. “Roman and Native American warriors would paint themselves blood-red with powdered hematite for cover in battle,” she tells mbg.

As crystal knowledgeable Heather Askinosie notes, this stone can typically be seen with pink streaks working via its floor, and is thought for connecting the physique to the Earth. “Hematite was believed to make warriors invulnerable and provides them braveness and power,” she notes, including, that in the course of the Paleolithic period, early people created cave work with the pink pigment from floor up Hematite.


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Therapeutic properties


Of all its properties, hematite might be most effectively often known as a grounding stone, with sturdy associations to the root chakra. As Askinosie tells mbg, hematite will help floor the thoughts, physique, and spirit, because of its connection to nature and Mom Earth.

“If you really feel just like the rug has been pulled out from below you, hematite will help you get again in your ft once more,” she provides.


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Together with supporting emotions of grounding, hematite additionally encourages mindfulness. It is really typically magnetic, which Askinosie says additional boosts its connection to the Earth. This sense of being rooted in stillness will assist deliver you again to the current second, she notes, including, “Working with Hematite teaches you to be in charge of your psychological and emotional states, even in unsettling conditions.”


As aforementioned, Van Doren and Askinosie each be aware hematite has protective properties, and has been used as such for hundreds of years. Merely having some close by will help soak up adverse power, leaving you safer.

“For these instances while you really feel such as you simply can’t discover your basis, hematite will likely be there to assist you,” Askinosie says, including, “Its grounding power is there that will help you really feel secure, centered, and safe irrespective of the place you’re or what you’re confronting.”


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How one can use hematite


Meditate with it

Askinosie tells mbg that hematite is a great crystal to meditate with, notably when you’re seeking to do a grounding meditation. This is one she recommends:

  • Stand along with your ft barely aside and firmly planted on the bottom.
  • Maintain a bit of hematite in every hand, shut your eyes, and take three deep breaths.
  • As you breathe, visualize your self as a tall, sturdy tree. See the roots of the tree—a number of inches in diameter—rising from the only of every foot and spiraling down into the core of the Earth to create a stable basis.
  • Say out loud, “I’m grounded,” 3 times.
  • Open your eyes. You at the moment are grounded.

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Maintain it in your in the course of the day

One of many best methods to work with any crystal is to easily preserve it in your all through the day. Van Doren explains that it is nice to have on you when you’ll want to keep balanced and stage headed: “Maintain a small polished hematite in your pocket to recharge and rebalance throughout your day by day actions, or tuck it into your chair for steady grounding throughout your workday,” she tells mbg, including that sporting it as jewellery can also be a straightforward (and delightful) option to preserve its power round you.


Bathe with it

For those who’re a fan of non secular baths—or any form of bathtub, for that matter—Van Doren says including some hematite to your subsequent bathtub by your ft will aid you recenter and loosen up on the finish of an extended day. (This is our full guide to spiritual baths for some inspiration to get began!)


Observe shadow work

Van Doren additionally tells mbg that hematite may be nice for doing shadow work, or any work that entails mining down into points “buried deep in your emotional psyche, historical past, and ancestral lineage.” She provides that hematite “would not fiddle,” so if working with it feels a bit intense to start out, you’ll be able to strive black tourmaline or smoky quartz as effectively for a “gentler” model.


Make a spell jar for cover

And final however not least, if you need some additional safety in your life, why not make a tangible spell for cover within the type of a spell jar? This is how:


  • Holly
  • Parsley
  • A black hematite crystal
  • An obsidian crystal
  • A smoky quartz crystal (Word: It is OK if you do not have all three, and any crystal for protection will do)
  • Pine needles or pine cones
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • A bit of paper and a pen
  1. Add your gadgets to the jar separately, eager about what every merchandise represents and the way it pertains to your intention.
  2. Write down your intention and place it within the jar (i.e., “I’m protected” or “I’m at all times secure”).
  3. Mild a candle and state your intention out loud, visualizing what it is going to be like when it comes true.
  4. Seal your jar with candle wax.
  5. Shut out the ritual, inserting your jar someplace you will see it typically to remind you of your intention.

Together with different crystals

When eager about pairing hematite with different crystals, you will wish to work with these which are additionally related to grounding, mindfulness, and safety.

For mindfulness and focus, for instance, Askinosie says clear quartz and azurite pair effectively with hematite that will help you get out of your head and into your physique.

Van Doren provides that she likes to pair hematite with lepidolite, noting that lepidolite is “a really calming and soothing crystal, and will help offset hematite’s potential over-intensity.” Rose quartz as effectively, she says, is a nurturing crystal that she recommends coupling with hematite.

Cleaning & charging your crystal

Relating to cleansing and charging your hematite, it is essential to keep in mind whether or not your crystal is uncooked or polished. Polished varieties, Van Doren explains, may be safely uncovered to water. Uncooked hematite, however, will rust when uncovered to moisture, so you will wish to keep away from water (and even leaving it out in a single day) with these items.

And as Askinosie provides, as a result of hematite is a heavier crystal, it is nice for absorbing quite a lot of power, however which means it must be cleansed extra typically than different crystals would possibly. Personally, she provides, she likes to cleanse hematite within the daylight.

Apart from these factors, any of your most popular methods of charging and cleaning would work right here, similar to smoke, sound, and even your breath.

FAQs about hematite

Is hematite related to any beginning months or zodiac indicators?

Hematite is just not formally related to any specific beginning month or zodiac signal, and based on Van Doren, it is in the end an amazing crystal for anybody. Askinosie does be aware, nonetheless, that earth indicators (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) and air indicators (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) might notably profit from utilizing it.

“For the earth indicators, working with it enhances their pure grounded nature, and for air indicators, it permits them to maintain their two ft on the bottom to steadiness out their ‘within the clouds’ nature,” she explains.

Which chakra is related to hematite?

Hematite is intently related to the root chakra, as each cope with grounding, safety, and security, based on each Askinosie and Van Doren. It is an amazing stone to include into any root chakra work, as effectively.

Is hematite a superb crystal to sleep with?

Hematite is just not historically used for sleep like another crystals are, although Van Doren notes due to its protecting properties, it may be useful when you’re scuffling with nightmares. It’s an intense stone, nonetheless, so preserve it by your ft relatively than close to your head, and when you really feel that it is disrupting your sleep, persist with working with it in the course of the day.

How ought to hematite be worn as jewellery?

Hematite is nice to put on as jewellery, and to essentially amplify its grounding results, Askinosie recommends sporting it as an anklet, so it is decrease on the physique and nearer to Earth, which is able to aid you keep rooted and balanced.

The takeaway

Hematite is a robust and intense crystal for all issues grounding and protecting. With its lovely sheen, cheap worth level, and host of advantages, this can be a stone you will undoubtedly wish to have alongside your individual spiritual journey.

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