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The string of hearts prefers an surroundings with loads of bright, indirect sunlight and can do effectively in a pot with well-draining soil. Take into consideration planting it in a cactus potting combine, perlite, peat, or moss mix; You’ll need to deal with your string of hearts like a succulent. (These vegetation additionally look and do nice in an open terrarium, if you happen to’re trying to boost your assortment!)

Talking of treating it like a succulent, this implies letting your string of hearts dry out between waterings. “When the potting combine has dried out, it feels a lot lighter to choose up,” explains Jenkins. Or you should utilize your fingers to inform when the highest two-thirds of the soil is bone dry. And completely, in no way, do you must steadily water or fertilize this plant through the winter. When you do select to fertilize your plant in spring and summer season, Goldwyn Merth recommends utilizing both worm castings or natural fertilizer for a gentler possibility.

As a quick grower, the string of hearts fills and trails alongside no matter area it’s in. “They actually do develop and develop if you happen to don’t prune them in any respect,” Jenkins tells mbg. The nice information is they really want to snuggle and be barely rootbound so there’s completely no rush to repot this guy. It’s really a set it and let it thrive sort of houseplant. 

When the day does come to repot, give your self loads of time to do it as a result of it may be tough, particularly in case your plant has longer leaves. Take a sluggish and regular method to maintain the vines from tangling and the rootball from enduring transplant shock.

To maximise its development potential, go for a hanging planter close to a window, ledge, or window sill!

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