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Does the TikTok Viral Face Taping Pattern Really Easy Wrinkles?

We’ll admit: the Attract employees has discovered a justifiable share of magnificence observe from TikTok. Due to some sensible creators, we’re altering up the way in which we use concealer, store at the drugstore, and apply our highlighter. However generally, we see a video go viral and immediately begin asking medical professionals for solutions as a result of the hack’s outcomes appears far too good to be true. The newest instance flooding social media? Face taping to clean high-quality strains. 

The logic behind these face-taping videos, which a handful of TikTok-savvy dermatologists have stitched in response, is that just a few days of sporting tape in your face in a single day can preserve your wrinkles from deepening and forming. A few of these movies’ “outcomes” do look convincing — just a few of the wrinkles in query do look less prominent — however the web is clearly skeptical. 

Many customers are calling creators out for doubtlessly modifying the movies, or recording them every week earlier than their Botox (which is actually proven to scale back the looks and formation of high-quality strains) kicks in. To settle the effectivity of this viral trend as soon as and for all, we checked in with plastic surgeons to analyze whether or not or not face taping really works.

Meet the specialists: 

What’s face taping?

The tactic is fairly simple: customers are applying tape to areas of the face the place they want to cut back the looks of wrinkles or high-quality strains (totally on their foreheads) and put on the tape in a single day to stop motion. After they get up, customers take away the tape and repeat the method for every week or extra, recording the progress. The concept, in accordance with Michael Horn, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, Illinois, is that the tape will preserve the muscle groups in place all through the evening, limiting their movement, and, subsequently, minimizing wrinkles. 

“Throughout our sleep, it is potential we are able to nonetheless make facial expressions and transfer round as we alter, so [the ideas is that] utilizing tape is meant to ‘preserve it in place,’ stopping wrinkle formation,” explains Dr. Horn. So can every week of face taping really make as massive of a distinction as your favorite firming serum or injectable? 

Is it secure to tape your face? 

Whereas a little bit of Scotch tape in all probability will not go away permanent scars, face taping can find yourself doing extra hurt than good. “Utilizing a chunk of tape, particularly one that’s ‘supposed’ to carry your pores and skin down for an entire evening, can damage the skin barrier while you take it off,” explains Dr. Horn. He notes that this tape is not made to be secure on the pores and skin and might cause redness, irritation, and acne breakouts. Moreover, he says, the adhesive should be extremely tight and, subsequently, uncomfortable to make use of for an prolonged time to “maintain” the muscle groups nonetheless. 

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