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Cardi B Seamlessly Altering Diapers in Dagger Nails Proves She’s Merely Not of This World — See Video

Should you’ve ever been the proprietor of lengthy, manicured suggestions, you have most likely heard one in all these questions earlier than: How do you operate with these issues? Are you able to even kind? How do you employ the lavatory? Having lengthy nails may be laborious to some, however lengthy manicures don’t faze others who’ve discovered how one can adapt to them. On Could 16, rapper Kash Doll offered a brand new dilemma, particularly for lengthy nail lovers who’re moms: how the hell do you modify a diaper?

Kash requested fellow rapper Cardi B, who is thought for her extremely long, extravagant acrylics, for recommendation as a result of she’s been struggling to alter her child’s diapers with press-ons. In response, the Bronx rapper shared a useful one-minute tutorial utilizing a stuffed teddy bear, all of the whereas proving that she will do just about something. 

She began the tutorial by unlatching the teddy bear’s white onesie. Instantly, our eyes latched on to the purple, stiletto-sculpted talons that look as bright as a recent strawberry. Then, she proceeded to take away the diaper and confirmed how she likes to wipe, emphasizing that it is vital to totally clear the infant’s booty and get into all of the little crevices. She simply wiped the teddy bear along with her tomato-red nails, and if we needed to guess, they’re most likely longer than a bullet lipstick.

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Within the midst of her cleansing, her cute daughter Kulture made an look and requested with a cute itty bitty voice, “Mommy, why you cleansing the butt?” Cardi responded with a lightweight chuckle and, “It is a lengthy story.” As soon as the bear was totally cleaned, she utilized a recent diaper with ease. As she reattached the buttons on the onesie, she shared that it is her least favourite half earlier than the video ends.

Cardi B makes altering a diaper look easy even along with her lengthy nails, maybe proving that lengthy nails aren’t as unmanageable as some individuals declare. Or possibly that is simply the magic of Cardi. 

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