8 Summer time Solstice Rituals To Convey Vitality Into This Season

Create a appeal bag that you’ll consecrate (dedicate to a single objective) and put on or carry when wanted. This can be a enjoyable means have the energy you desire in a tangible form.

Make or purchase a small bag or pouch. Beautify it with shells, beads, and feathers to have fun the fun of this season. You may use a pink bead for ardour, a turquoise bead for the chums you shared good instances with, a shell for the enjoyable you could have on the seaside, and a feather for the liberty you are feeling operating round barefoot, for instance.

Take your time and fill the bag with rose petals for love and corn for prosperity. Add some sunflower seeds for a contented and wholesome life.

Maintain it in your palms, take a number of deep breaths, and really feel the way it feels to embody this vitality.

Dangle the bag in your mirror, put on it round your neck as an amulet, put it in your altar, maintain it in your automobile, or carry it with you to carry your summer time imaginative and prescient with you wherever you go.

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