4 Sneaky Meals That Can Spike Your Blood Sugar & What To Do

Sure, we had been shocked, too. “Regardless of what advertising and marketing tells you, common white sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup, fruit purée, fruit juice focus, dried fruit, all that stuff—if you happen to see it on a label, it’s the very same factor. It’s all glucose and fructose,” says Inchauspe.

In reality, she declares that honey might even result in an even bigger glucose spike than desk sugar (gasp!). “All the pieces that glucose spikes do, fructose does it at a fair better extent,” she explains, and “honey has extra fructose in it than desk sugar; the proportion is increased.”

Once more, this doesn’t suggest you have to stow the honey perpetually. Simply be strategic in regards to the order by which you eat your meal: “Science exhibits that if you happen to eat the constituents of a meal in a particular order, you may reduce the glucose spike of the meal by 75 percent. So that you’re consuming the very same meals, however there are a lot fewer penalties in your physique and psychological well being….The proper order is greens, proteins and fat second, and sugars final.” So you may nonetheless have your honey—simply eat it on the finish of your meal!

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