15 Of The Greatest-Smelling Physique Lotions By Scent Profile

Why use scented physique lotion you may ask? Properly, it could possibly truly be an aromatherapeutic experience. Here is what that may appear like: Utilizing a citrus-scented physique lotion within the morning may help awaken the senses. However, reaching for one thing with lavender and eucalyptus notes might aid you loosen up earlier than mattress. So what scent you select ought to depend upon what kind of finish end result you are going for—extra on that later. Remember that this is not a brand new apply, as scented cosmetics have been used for ages.

In actual fact, proof from Ancient Egypt tells us that fragrant oils had been doubtless getting used earlier than 4500 B.C. The traditional Egyptians are famend for his or her data of cosmetics and aromatic ointments—with their most well-known natural preparation being “Kyphi,” which was a multipurpose religious mix of 16 substances.

Now, whereas we won’t promise these physique lotions are crafted with 16 totally different perfume notes, we are able to inform you that they odor divine and can hold your pores and skin hydrated and smooth, sans dangerous components. 

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