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TikTok’s Viral Lube Make-up Primer Hack Might Irritate Pores and skin

The world of magnificence hacks on TikTok is a really slippery slope — actually. In a string of latest viral movies, some customers on the app are giving their basis further glide by mixing it with… lube. As in sexual lubricant. As in bow chicka wow wow. 

A model of this, er, trick has been utilized by @lukeketuhok in lots of prior make-up movies, however it actually took off October 11, when Sean Anthony (@seananthonyv) posted a video of the hack, which has since earned greater than 1.5 million views and 100,000 likes.

“It’s important to begin mixing lube together with your basis,” an automatic voice urges as Anthony mixes basis and Durex lubricant collectively on a palette. “It makes it glide further easy… makes your base flawless and recent.” The outcomes, admittedly, do look superb; Anthony’s pores and skin seems radiant after ending his make-up routine. That is why nobody must be shocked that different individuals raced to strive lube make-up for themselves. 

Searches for “lube make-up” or “lube primer” on the app will grant you dozens of movies of different individuals squeezing lube onto their faces (now there is a sentence we did not suppose we would ever see in Attract). A lot as individuals appear to like the outcomes that mixing lubricant into make-up can wield, not even Durex — the model that makes the lube system most individuals have used of their movies — can get behind it. 

“We recognize the creativity right here (and your make-up seems nice) however we do not suggest utilizing our lubricants on the face as makeup primers,” the verified Durex TikTok account wrote in a touch upon Anthony’s video. 

There is a motive lubricants are solely meant for use for… you know. “Except the lube you might be utilizing is Vaseline, do not combine your intercourse and make-up equipment,” says Mona Gohara, a board-certified dermatologist in Connecticut. “Well-liked lube substances similar to nonoxynol-9, propylene glycol, and perfume will, certain sufficient, slide your face proper into pimples, redness, or full-blown irritation.” Beauty chemist Ginger King additionally notes that propylene glycol, “an anti-freeze, can have irritation potential,” and that the frequent lube ingredient glycerin may cause stickiness (which is not the finish of the world, simply very annoying). 

You possibly can obtain considerably comparable outcomes by swapping out the sexual lubricant on this hack with a skin-care serum, which is what King recommends doing. “It looks like the intention [of using lube] is simply to get viral on social media,” she concludes. 

For those who’re contemplating utilizing this TikTok hack as an on a regular basis apply, you may wish to rethink. However, hey, if going viral is your aim, we can’t cease you — simply watch out to not go away that lube in your pores and skin for very lengthy. 

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