The Yr Of The New Irregular

Many people have stopped asking, “When will issues return to regular?” That was a standard chorus of 2020 and early 2021. However because the pandemic wore on, it appeared safer to attempt to discover acceptance of those surreal situations, or at the least, to be affected person.

Here is an up to date query because the calendar turns: “What does the subsequent model of ‘regular’ even seem like?”

It is arduous to explain one thing you have by no means skilled earlier than. However the planetary lineup of 2022 invitations us to get inventive, investigative, and script some solutions. Adopting an experimental angle—or what efficiency specialists name a “growth mindset“—will assist us via.

We might have extra questions than solutions, and that is a part of the journey. The poisonous entice of taking a facet and slugging it out in a Twitter deathmatch is getting us nowhere. As expansive Jupiter strikes via therapeutic Pisces and pioneering Aries, and the lunar nodes ripple throughout the Taurus/Scorpio axis to rework our materials and religious lives, it is our flip to write down a brand new script for 2022.

Read our sign-by-sign horoscope to learn what “The Year of the New Abnormal” will mean for your zodiac sign.

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