The Labrada Issue: The Apple Hasn’t Fallen Far From The Tree

Again within the day, the legendary Steve Reeves was identified, amongst different issues, for his impeccable grooming. Hair, tooth, pores and skin, fingernails – Reeves was Mr. Perfection. I’ve at all times thought the identical about Lee Labrada. I keep in mind having dinner with him as soon as at a restaurant and, when he was completed consuming, Lee instantly went and brushed his tooth.

However much more spectacular, he was one of many few bodybuilders I’ve labored with who stored getting higher and higher proper up to the time he retired. If Lee had come alongside a number of years earlier, when the Mr. Olympia was held utilizing two courses – over and beneath 200 kilos – he would have gained the light-weight class, like Franco Columbu earlier than him.

Lee had a great physique, however a small body – 5’6’ at about 185 kilos. Sufficiently small that, standing next to somebody like Lee Haney, he was simply gifting away an excessive amount of dimension. However that didn’t stop him from inserting within the high 4 in 7 consecutive Mr. Olympia contests. And it didn’t stop Labrada from exhibiting up in nice form each time and persevering with to enhance his physique.

Lee Labrada’s entice growth is obvious on this picture. Josef Adlt

Earlier on, I at all times thought that his head appeared disproportionately giant for his traps and shoulders. Not by quite a bit, however noticeable. However 12 months by 12 months Lee stored developing his traps and delts and when he determined to retire from competitors and focus on his supplement business, he had just about introduced every part into superb proportion.

Lee Labrada motivational quote for Labrada Nutrition
Lee Labrada went from bodybuilding to enterprise success after retiring Labrada Diet

Lee has subsequently introduced the identical form of intelligence and self-discipline to enterprise that he did to aggressive bodybuilding. Labrada Diet has been an important success and Lee has remained a big pressure on the planet of health and bodybuilding. On the similar time, he has been and stays a loyal household man. One demonstration of that’s the bodybuilding success of his son Hunter, who has rocketed up in virtually no time to earn a spot on the Mr. Olympia stage. Hunter has a a lot greater body than his father, an excellent factor on this age of muscle monsters. However he additionally appears to have inherited his dad’s self-discipline and work ethic, as a result of no matter your genetics, you don’t obtain this type of fast success with out an excessive amount of laborious, constant effort.

Bodybuilder Lee Labrada posing with a dumbbell
Lee Labrada improved yearly up till he retired. Invoice Dobbins

So, the “Labrada Impact” is being handed on from era to era. And, each of those bodybuilders, father, and son, must be role models for younger bodybuilders hoping to realize the identical form of success: self-discipline, laborious and constant work, a “clear” way of life, and a spotlight to element.

If you find yourself aspiring to greatness, EVERYTHING COUNTS!

Bodybuilder Lee Labrada with Richard Gaspari
Each Wealthy Gaspari and Lee Labrada have been at an obstacle from being too small in an period wherein there was no light-weight class on the Mr. Olympia. Invoice Dobbins

Lee’s Bodybuilding Contest Historical past:

  • 1995 Arnold Traditional: 4th Runner-Up
  • 1993 Mr. Olympia: third Runner-Up
  • 1993 Arnold Schwarzenegger Traditional: 1st Runner-Up
  • 1993 Ironman Invitational: 1st Runner-Up
  • 1992 Professional World Cup:1st
  • 1992 Mr. Olympia: 2nd Runner-Up
  • 1991 Mr. Olympia: third Runner-Up
  • 1990 Mr. Olympia: 1st Runner-Up
  • 1989 Finnish Grand Prix: 1st
  • 1989 Netherlands Grand Prix: 1st
  • 1989 British Grand Prix: 1st
  • 1989 Mr. Olympia: 1st Runner-Up
  • 1988 Spanish Grand Prix: 1st
  • 1988 British Grand Prix: 1st
  • 1988 Greek Grand Prix: 1st
  • 1988 Mr. Olympia: third Runner-Up
  • 1988 Mr. Olympia: third Runner-Up
  • 1987 Mr. Olympia: 2nd Runner-Up
  • 1987 IFBB Skilled World Championships: 1st Runner-up
  • 1986 IFBB Evening of Champions: 1st
  • 1985 IFBB Mr. Universe: 1st
  • 1985 NPC Nationals: 1st
  • 1984 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships: 1st Runner-up
  • 1983 NPC Texas Bodybuilding Championships: 1st
  • 1982 NPC Jr. Gulf Coast Championships: 1st
  • 1982 NPC Collegiate Texas Championships: 1st


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