Ought to You Microwave Your Sponges? Here is What The Analysis Says

Primarily based on the prevailing analysis, the jury remains to be out on whether or not microwaving sponges is definitely useful. In keeping with one 2017 study, researchers discovered microwaving, together with boiling, can considerably cut back the bacterial load of sponges, however that does not imply we must always all be doing it.

“Outcomes have been contradictory,” the examine authors write, “for instance exhibiting effectiveness within the laboratory, however not in used kitchen sponges, and no technique alone appeared to have the ability to obtain a normal bacterial discount of greater than about 60%.”

This is not supreme, they notice, hypothesizing that resistant micro organism that survive the sanitation course of can quickly re-colonize (much like the impact of antibiotics on the gut), which might promote extra dangerous micro organism within the sponges.

In one other study conducted in 2020, researchers notice microwaving sponges does seem to change the composition and metabolic properties of the microbial communities, however extra analysis is required to find out if these modifications are good or dangerous for our well being.

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