Ought to You Freeze Your Magnificence Blender? A Make-up Artist Explains

It sounds good in principle: You’re basically giving your magnificence sponge some skin-soothing properties, remodeling it right into a facial roller-beauty sponge hybrid that may calm your pores and skin and mix your make-up. 

However in accordance with make-up artist Jenny Patinkin, it’s largely hype. “As a make-up artist and somebody who makes sponges, I personally suppose this hack is a bit foolish,” she says. First, “The ice can soften when you’re making use of, which may impression the feel and pigments in your basis,” she continues. “Make-up is formulated to be room temperature, and any deviation can have an effect on the way it goes on.” Since oil and water don’t play good (and most make-up is oil-based), it’s possible you’ll wind up with a goopy, patchy software when the sponge begins to thaw.

Plus, says Patinkin, a frozen magnificence sponge won’t lend a natural-looking end, if that’s the look you’re hoping for. “Basis works higher when it melds along with your pores and skin by way of a slight enhance in physique warmth, which will not occur in the event you’re utilizing a frozen instrument.”

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