Pecans vs Walnuts: Style, Diet, and Makes use of

The great thing about cooking is that there aren’t any guidelines—let your style and texture preferences information you, Linares advises. “You probably have a powerful desire for one over the opposite, you may really feel assured selecting that one as a result of each pecans and walnuts supply fiber and wholesome unsaturated fat,” she says. “Pecans go particularly effectively in desserts or different candy meals as a result of their taste, whereas walnuts are a bit extra versatile and do effectively in each candy and savory contexts.”

For those who’re severely caught, comply with Larson-Meyer’s lead: “Pecans usually go together with chocolate, dried fruits and cheeses, and walnuts would possibly pair with salads, greens, sure cheeses, and very well in roasted squash, with rice, quinoa and cheese.” Her favourite trick is throwing pecans and walnuts within the oven for about 10 minutes, and stirring about midway in. Retailer them in a good container, and also you’ll be left with a barely caramelized nut that’s tremendous crunchy on the surface with a softer, melt-in-your-mouth inside.

Listed below are another tasty methods to make use of pecans and walnuts:

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