Army Monday: Kellum’s Shoulder Domination Exercise

Licensed coach and infantryman Chris Kellum has you lined head to toe along with his “Hybrid Warrior” coaching program, designed with the brand new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) in thoughts. First, he provided an upper-body routine right here on; then a workout that blasts the legs, core, and lungs; and most not too long ago, a hardcore deadlift and back workout. Now, he’s blasting your delts from all angles with the shoulder domination exercise routine. Calling it “shoulder domination,” ought to inform you the whole lot you possibly can count on from this circuit exercise.

Featured coach: SPC Chris Kellum is a sniper staff infantryman within the Florida Military Nationwide Guard. A NETA-certified private coach and member of the Bravo Sierra staff, his mission is to encourage others by incorporating health and army on his YouTube channel and documenting the method of transitioning to a warrant officer to go to flight college. All of his exercises could be discovered on his Playbook fitness app.

Tools wanted: Dumbbells (a number of pairs), landmine (with weight plate), resistance bands, barbell (optionally available), BOSU ball or stability ball.

 Time dedication: Round 50 minutes.

Exercise overview: After a radical warm-up for the shoulders, Kellum’s exercise breaks off right into a featured power transfer, a trio of three-exercise circuits, after which a core finisher. Right here’s a fast rundown of every:

Kellum’s Shoulder Domination Exercise

Warmup (12 minutes)

Power (Heavy) Work: Shoulder Press

It is a meat-and-potatoes elevate (urgent a bar or dumbbell overhead) carried out for 4 working units of 10, 8, 8, and 6 reps. You’ll wish to work as much as a heavy weight on these to extend your higher physique urgent power.

    • Shoulder Press
    • 1-2 warmup units
    • 4 working units of 10, 8, 8, 6 reps
    • Relaxation 90 seconds between working units.

Circuit 1: Lateral Elevate + Entrance Elevate + Shrug (4 rounds)

These three single-joint strikes are completed with hypertrophy-friendly rep counts (15 reps per units) to assist construct muscle and supply stability across the shoulder joint. Hold the burden pretty mild right here and really feel an excellent burn.

    • Lateral Elevate: 15 reps
    • Entrance Elevate: 15 reps
    • Shrug: 15 reps
      (Relaxation 45-60 seconds)

Circuit 2: Rotational Single-Arm Press + Landmine 180s (4 Rounds)

This circuit provides a torso twist to every train to work the core within the transverse airplane, whereas nonetheless working the delts.

    • Rotational Single-Arm Press (R): 8 reps
    • Rotational Single-Arm Press (L): 8 reps
    • Landmine 180s: 8 reps
      (Relaxation 45-60 seconds)

Circuit 3: Thrusters + Swings + Planks (4 Rounds)

Every of those three workouts includes the shoulders, however together with different areas of the physique. Thrusters carry within the decrease physique, swings the whole posterior chain, and planks core isolation (along with working the delts isometrically). The thrusters and swings may also present some anaerobic conditioning – not all the time enjoyable, however efficient.

    • Thrusters:  15 reps
    • Kettlebell Swing:  15 reps
    • Forearm Plank:  1 minute
      (Relaxation 45-60 seconds)

Core Work: Ball Crunch + Heel Faucets + Mason Twist (1-3 Rounds)

You’ll end the exercise with remoted core work to strengthen all of the midsection muscle mass, together with the abs and obliques.

    • BOSU Ball Crunch: 20 reps
    • Heel Faucets:  20 reps per aspect
    • Mason Twist:  20 reps per aspect
      (Relaxation 15 seconds between workouts.)

Cardio (Energetic Relaxation)

No formal cardio right here; simply purpose to get 10,000 complete steps (strolling) for the day. Right here’s a tip from Kellum on find out how to simply get that completed: “After every meal, go for a 15- to 20-minute stroll — it’ll enhance digestion, and also you’ll hit your steps.”

Train Notes

  • Shoulder Press: This may be completed with both a barbell or dumbbells. For a extra “useful” exercise that hits the core, do your shoulder (overhead) presses standing. In any other case, you are able to do these seated.
  • Lateral Elevate/Entrance Elevate/Shrug circuit: These three workouts could be completed with both dumbbells or kettlebells. “When you sometimes do these lifts with 25 to 35 kilos, subtract 10 kilos,” says Kellum. “Really feel the burn with shorter relaxation and better reps.” That mentioned, you might want to make use of totally different weights for every of the three strikes – a lighter weight for entrance raises and heavier for shrugs.
  • Rotational Single-Arm Press: It is a one-arm press with both a dumbbell or kettlebell the place you twist on the torso (within the path of the non-working arm) as you press the burden overhead.
  • Landmine 180s: Maintain the top of the barbell in a landmine in entrance of you with arms prolonged. Transfer the bar from waist top on one aspect all the best way to the opposite aspect, preserving your arms straight all through and rotating on the torso.
  • Thrusters: A entrance squat to overhead press in a single steady movement, you do that transfer with both a barbell or a pair of dumbbells. Concentrate on preserving your again flat and core tight all through (don’t let your decrease again spherical).
  • Kettlebell Swing: When you don’t have a kettlebell, use a dumbbell and seize the perimeters on one finish firmly. Concentrate on the hip hinge with minimal knee bend and preserve the core tight.
  • Forearm Plank: Hold your core tight and physique in a straight line from heels to go, forearms in touch with the ground.
  • Bosu Ball Crunch: The Bosu creates an unstable floor, which makes the core work tougher to stabilize. When you don’t have a Bosu, use a daily stability ball.
  • Heel Faucets: It is a variation of a crunch the place each rep includes touching your hand to the same-side heel. Keep within the “up” place of a crunch all through and carry out a aspect bend for every rep. Alternate sides backwards and forwards.
  • Mason Twist: Generally known as a Russian twist, sit on the ground together with your ft up, knees bent, and torso and thighs forming a V form. Along with your fingers collectively, decrease them to the ground proper off to the aspect of your hip by twisting your torso, return to center, and go to the opposite aspect. Do reps constantly aspect to aspect.



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