Is Brown Sugar actually higher than White Sugar?

Whereas we share a relatively magnetic relationship with our desserts and shakes, sugar is a dangerous alternative that breaks down our physique in additional methods than one. A survey performed by WHO in 2019 noticed that diabetes killed round 1.5 million individuals worldwide. It has turn into a worldwide issue contributing to well being issues. The poisonous reality about sugar is that it makes the physique weak to quite a few different illnesses like hypertension, weight problems and coronary heart points. Thus, brown sugar or white, extreme consumption of both might be hazardous to your well being. 

This text will replicate upon the method of manufacturing Brown and White Sugar, studying their dietary worth & properties, discussing the well being advantages, dangers and their substitutes. Thus, assist you to make a more healthy alternative between the 2. So, earlier than digging deep, let’s learn about its means of manufacturing. 

The Course of 

The preliminary manufacturing course of is comparable for each Brown Sugar and White Sugar. The sugarcane is first juiced after which boiled to type a thick syrup referred to as molasses that finally crystallizes. Subsequent, the uncooked sugar crystals are shaped when the crystallized sugar is centrifuged.

The ultimate step of producing is completely different for Brown and White Sugar. Then, it’s processed additional and the surplus molasses is eliminated to create smaller crystals for producing white sugar. As for brown sugar, it’s made by including various quantities of molasses to the refined white sugar.

Calorie Content material

It is going to be a shock to individuals who assume brown sugar is more healthy than white sugar. However, they each have virtually the identical calorie content material.

Brown Sugar accommodates solely 0.25 fewer energy than its counterpart, which is negligible. For example, 1 teaspoon (5gm) of each brown sugar and white sugar may have 20 energy.  

Dietary Worth 

Brown Sugar is equally excessive in carbohydrates. Nevertheless, not like white sugar, which is taken into account to have empty energy, brown sugar accommodates some traces of micronutrients like iron, calcium, zinc, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B-6. So, kind of, they’re related in dietary profile. 

Well being Advantages and Dangers of White Sugar


  1. Offers an immense burst of vitality– White sugar is a kind of carbohydrate, additionally a micronutrient that gives vitality to the physique. The physique breaks down sugar into glucose that may be readily used for vitality and to hold out numerous features. 
  2. Enhance mind functioning– Glucose is the supply of gas for the mind. The mind is chargeable for pondering, studying, and retention. Because the mind is probably the most energy-demanding organ of the physique, it requires an everyday provide of glucose and white sugar can fulfil the necessities. So, white sugar in managed portions can enhance mind functioning. 
  3. Elevate Temper– Psychologically, sugar makes an individual completely happy. It’s thought-about a reward for an individual. Additionally, sugar prompts the pleasure level of our mind and causes a rush of dopamine. Thus, immediately lifting your temper. 
  4. Heal wounds– White sugar paste when utilized to a wound, quickly liquefies, enabling desloughing. It helps within the formation of granulation tissue and negates the replica of micro organism. 


  1. Improve the possibilities of coronary heart illnesses– Extra consumption of white sugar results in increased ranges of LDL ldl cholesterol. It’s also often known as dangerous ldl cholesterol that accumulates and latches to the partitions of arteries and causes blockage. This may result in a coronary heart assault or a stroke. 
  2. Weight problems– White sugar has tons of empty energy. A weight loss program excessive in added sugar is wealthy in fructose and thus will increase starvation pangs in individuals. Extreme fructose consumption causes resistance to leptin that regulates starvation and results in weight problems. 
  3. Hormonal Imbalance– Extreme consumption of sugar can improve blood glucose stage within the physique and push your pancreas to launch extra insulin. Extreme insulin manufacturing impacts the ovaries and produces extra androgen hormones, equivalent to testosterone. It’s evident that sugar can disrupt hormones within the physique. 
  4. Sleeplessness– Sugar is understood to cut back the standard of sleep. In an effort to operate correctly, a median grownup wants 6-7 hours of deep sleep. Correct sleep can also be important for the physique’s bodily restoration and sugar is a offender that hinders the method. 

Well being Advantages and Dangers of Brown Sugar


  1. Aids weight reduction– Brown sugar has fewer energy than white sugar. The molasses in brown sugar is understood to spice up metabolism. It additionally has different micronutrients. So, you may say that brown sugar helps in shedding weight. 
  2. Acts as an instantaneous vitality booster– Brown sugar is a straightforward carbohydrate that breaks down into glucose. Subsequently, brown sugar might be added to your meals in the event you really feel the necessity for an instantaneous provide of vitality. 
  3. Relives from menstrual cramps– Some cultures use brown sugar as a house treatment for relieving interval cramps. Simply boil some water and add a tsp of brown sugar with crushed ginger and tea leaves to appease the ache. 
  4. Exfoliation– Brown sugar is a superb bodily exfoliant if you need easy pores and skin. It eliminates filth and tiny bumps over the pores and skin. 


  1. Irregular heartbeat- A sugary meal can improve your coronary heart charge and make you uneasy. If in case you have mildly excessive blood sugar, your signs might be severe like palpitation, elevated thirst, fatigue, and so on. Brown sugar might be the reason for irregular heartbeat. 
  2. Elevate blood sugar levels- Although brown sugar has lesser calorie content material, it might probably have an effect on your blood sugar ranges just like white sugar. It’s also equally dangerous to individuals with diabetes. 
  3. Irritation- Extreme sugar consumption stimulates the manufacturing of free fatty acids within the liver. When the physique digests these fatty acids, it causes irritation. Poor dietary decisions like consumption of extra sugar causes muscle and joint irritation within the physique.  
  4. Weaken Bones- Brown Sugar will increase the possibilities of osteoporosis and impairs the formation of bones by decreasing osteoblast proliferation. 

Options to Sugar

Now that the dietary content material of each White sugar & Brown sugar and on the lookout for a more healthy various to those. Allow us to assist you to finger out a number of substitutes for sugar that may ideally be nice in your style buds and your well being. You need to use stevia, coconut sugar, jaggery, honey and even maple syrup in your meals and drinks. 

1. Stevia

This plant-based pure sweetener, extracted from a plant named Stevia rebaudiana, is native to Central and South America.

It has no dietary properties but additionally consists of zero energy. Thus, stevia leaf extract is gaining reputation as an alternative to sugar. It’s a boon for diabetic individuals with a candy tooth, as stevia accommodates no extra carbohydrates. You’ll be able to add it to your favorite meals or drink. 

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2. Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar- Healthifyme

Each wholesome and a well-liked alternative amongst vegans, coconut sugar is a superb substitute for sugar. Produced from the sap of coconut palm tree and thus undergoes minimal refining. So, it’s organically extracted after which made right into a syrup and finally dried. In contrast to Brown Sugar, which has little dietary worth, coconut sugar retains many vitamins like calcium, iron, zinc and potassium.

A teaspoon accommodates 18 energy, 5 grams of carbohydrate and 5 grams of sugar. It additionally consists of inulin, a soluble fibre that helps to regulate post-meal blood sugar spikes.

3. Jaggery

Jaggery- Healthifyme

A non-refined substitute for sugar, created from sugarcane or a toddy palm tree, Jaggery is a well-liked sweetener in India, South East Asia and Africa. I

t is a superb supply of iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Jaggery or Gur can also be a wonderful supply of antioxidants that helps in decreasing oxidative stress. 1 tsp of jaggery consists of 15 energy, 4g of carbohydrates. Nonetheless, you continue to have to restrain your self from consuming greater than required.

4. Honey

Is Brown Sugar really better than White Sugar?

Although some could argue that honey is increased in energy than sugar, as per tablespoon accommodates 64 energy, 17 grams of carbohydrates and 17 grams of sugar.

It’s also true that honey has different dietary advantages that your regular white sugar doesn’t. Honey possesses anti-microbial and anti inflammatory properties. It additionally has traces of iron, zinc and potassium. It additionally tastes sweeter than sugar, so to stability out, chances are you’ll want much less in the event you’re utilizing it instead. 

5. Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup- Healthifyme

Maple syrup is a sweetener, originating in Canada, extracted from the sap of the maple tree and thought of further candy. Some additionally reward the dietary worth of maple syrup, even when it’s a high-calorie meals.

A tablespoon of maple syrup accommodates 52 energy, 13 grams of carbohydrate and 12 grams of sugar. Furthermore, it’s also wealthy in manganese that’s important for wholesome bones and different vitamins like iron, copper, zinc, calcium and potassium. Current research additionally has discovered that Maple syrup is nice to decrease levels of cholesterol and assist in stopping Alzheimer. 


Since Brown and White sugar hardly make any distinction in including any dietary worth to your weight loss program, you may select a more healthy substitute for these. Sugar is equally necessary to give you vitality within the type of glucose. Nevertheless, we generally inadvertently devour seen sugar in our teas/ coffees or invisible sugar in processed or baked meals or fizzy drinks. Additionally, be sure you restrict your sugar consumption and over the due course, make sensible swaps to the more healthy alternate options for total well being advantages.

To reply the query, is brown sugar actually higher than white sugar? No, it isn’t.

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Continuously Requested Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it okay to have Brown Sugar every single day?

Although brown sugar has some minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium, these minerals don’t omit the danger of sickness and illnesses which might be brought on by brown sugar. Nutritionists and dieticians by no means advise to incorporate seen sugar, whether or not white or brown, into every day meals. So, you may restrict its consumption to 1-2 tsp per day alongside along with your favorite tea or espresso. Nonetheless, in the event you simply have it for enhancing the style, you may go for different more healthy alternate options.

2. Is it dangerous to eat brown sugar?

No, it might probably’t be mentioned that it’s dangerous for well being. The calorie content material of brown sugar is relatively lower than white sugar. Nevertheless, you should restrict its consumption in every day life. 

3. Is brown sugar more healthy than white sugar?

Although Brown sugar has a lesser calorie content material, it can’t be mentioned that brown sugar is more healthy than white sugar. 

4. Can a diabetic eat brown sugar?

The nutrient profile of brown and white sugar is considerably related. So, a diabetic particular person will not be suggested to have brown sugar commonly. They’ll positively have it moderately of their favorite desserts and drinks.

5. Which sugar is greatest for weight reduction?

If we take into account calorie content material, brown sugar has comparatively fewer energy than white sugar, making it a greater possibility for weight reduction. Nevertheless, there are alternate options that may be a wonderful alternative in case you are trying to lower down on sugar. Stevia, jaggery, honey or maple syrup are nice choices and aids weight reduction. 

6. What are the advantages of brown sugar?

Brown sugars enhance metabolism, improve vitality and are nice for relieving menstruation cramps. 

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