Asparagus Fern Care: Progress, Propagation & Extra

Asparagus ferns (Asparagus setaceus) are native to the forest flooring of Southern and Jap Africa. “Within the wild, they develop as a perennial shrub in subtropical circumstances,” Paris Lalicata, plant schooling coordinator at The Sill, tells mbg.

Asparagus ferns’ native habitat tells you in regards to the circumstances it craves: Heat, humid, sunny environments that even have a little bit of shade.

Regardless of its identify, the plant doesn’t resemble asparagus—and it is really not even actually a fern! As a substitute, it is a part of the asparagaceae household, together with different fashionable flowering crops like agave and dracaena. And whereas its foliage resembles a fern, it would not reproduce through spores as true ferns do.

One other factor that units this plant aside is its tuberous roots: These bulb-like root buildings act as little storage containers for the plant, saving sources for after they’re most wanted. Diversifications like these make asparagus ferns comparatively laborious and low-maintenance, and permit them to develop rapidly given the proper care.

Whereas it isn’t the preferred kind of greenery on the market, likelihood is you could find an asparagus fern on the market in your native plant store or backyard retailer.

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