Apply Moisturizer On Brows To Hold Them Full

Allow us to remind you that your forehead hairs are made from the identical structural elements because the hair in your head—and identical to these strands, they must be washed and conditioned. The cleaning step feels extra intuitive for some motive: Particularly in case you put on make-up—brow pencil, powder, and the like—you doubtless spend a while (gently) scrubbing the brows to take away the product. 

The issue is, folks typically neglect to replenish that moisture after the very fact. And in response to de la Garza, “[that] could be the equal of shampooing your hair with out conditioning it.” In different phrases? A recipe for parched, brittle strands—that are extra liable to thinning and breakage. 

To situation the forehead hairs, you would dedicate an entire step to a trusty forehead serum or swipe of castor oil. Or, says de la Garza, you would merely apply your moisturizer or eye cream up prime. You are already massaging in your moisturizer or tapping an eye fixed cream in your forehead bone—simply take a second to ship an additional dollop to the forehead hairs themselves. 

“Most individuals assume that skincare is solely for the pores and skin, when in actuality it may be used on brows as nicely,” he notes. Plus, many lotions and forehead serums comprise overlapping elements, anyhow: De la Garza is keen on ones with fatty acids, moisturizing oils (like jojoba or squalane), and ceramides, as these are beloved to “assist nourish and soften the brows.” And since hair ages with free radical damage, a moisturizer loaded with antioxidants is top-notch for the brows, too. 

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