An MD’s 3 Ideas To Put together Your Physique For A Blood Sugar Spike

Halloween is on the horizon, and for a lot of, which means witchy costumes; scary movies; pumpkin and/or gore decor; and, after all, the goodie luggage brimming with sweet—and (right here comes a celebration foul) the next blood sugar spikes with every empty wrapper. 

Whereas we usually encourage hopping off the blood sugar rollercoaster should you can, we’d by no means, ever, let you know to deprive your self of vacation pleasure—with Halloween, that will imply you indulge in additional sweet than ordinary. And that’s high quality! Simply take it from Stanford-trained doctor Casey Means, M.D., co-founder of Levels: “Nobody ought to ever freak out a few single glucose spike,” she asserts on the mindbodygreen podcast. “One-time exposures like that aren’t going to trigger lasting harm. It is the tendencies, the variations over time, that may trigger issues.”

Nevertheless, in case you are blood sugar aware, there are methods to mitigate the spike on days you understand you’re going to indulge (like this upcoming vacation). “There are numerous choices for individuals to truly reduce their glycemic variability from [sweets],” Means says. Listed here are her three tricks to put together your physique for that inevitable surge. 

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