An Apple-Cinnamon Inexperienced Smoothie Recipe With Additional Greens

In the case of consuming nutrient-dense meals, I generally (typically) get slowed down with the meal prep. Ideally, I will have roasted veggies, a grain of some type, and a yummy sauce helpful—however let’s be actual, it is not all the time a actuality.

As such, I am a giant fan of leaning on smoothies. They’re the proper car for sneaking in powerhouse substances (taking a look at you, spinach, frozen cauliflower, and hemp, chia, and flaxseeds), and they’re fairly simple to whip up.

This yr, I began throwing collectively a smoothie for lunch a few occasions per week and shortly grew to become sick of my fundamental recipe. However then I remembered the treasure trove of inspo we’ve got at our fingertips right here at mindbodygreen.

I rapidly discovered my favourite—an apple-cinnamon recipe in our green smoothie article—and tweaked it to be my go-to gut-supporting recipe. I made positive I used my favourite nut butter, oat milk, and Ceylon cinnamon.

However why cease there? Positive, it is bought a handful of spinach, however I needed extra bang for my buck. Enter: natural veggies+.

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