A PhD & RD Debunks 4 Widespread & Cringey Vitamin D Myths

One other pet peeve of Ferira’s? When individuals declare that vitamin D is poisonous just because it is fats soluble. “That is sort of a 1982 science textbook. We’re in 2021—we have to cease making these sweeping statements,” she says. Whereas vitamin D toxicity is attainable, it is rather more difficult to succeed in than you would possibly assume, and it’s not even related at useful, science-backed supplement doses (like 5,000 IU per day). 

We clarify the reasoning in full here, however let’s go over the highlights: Except you take mega, mega quantities of vitamin D, toxicity is not really a priority. Scientific trials have discovered that toxicity issues can occur with a serum 25(OH)D focus larger than 150 ng/ml. That’s thrice greater than the vary clinicians sometimes suggest (50 ng/ml) for vitamin D sufficiency. 

“The precise medical science reveals that you would even take 20,000 to 50,000 IU of D3 a day, and never solely is it not poisonous, however these quantities helped the individuals really elevate their blood ranges to sufficiency,”* says Ferira. “I am not saying that is your stage, but it surely was profitable—not scary.” 

The takeaway? Getting an excessive amount of vitamin D is extraordinarily troublesome, and it’s excessive time manufacturers supply formulation with real looking apprehensions for toxicity, slightly than erring on the low, low aspect of the spectrum (and never serving to of us meet their vitamin D needs as a result). 

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