A Germ Professional Explains How Usually We Ought to Be Washing Sweaters

In keeping with environmental toxin skilled and the founding father of Slightly Greener Tonya Harris, two to 5 wearings earlier than washing is common, “but it surely additionally depends upon elements comparable to how the sweater is worn and what the fabric is made out of.”

In the event you wore one thing beneath your sweater, for instance, that can prolong the lifetime of your sweater by lowering the variety of occasions it must be washed, she says.

Materials-wise, issues like cotton, cashmere, and silk ought to be washed after two to a few wears, whereas extra durable materials like wool or hardy artificial blends might be worn as much as 5 occasions.

In brief, you undoubtedly needn’t wash your sweaters each time you put on them, and if you wish to unfold out the time between washes, your finest guess is to put on an undershirt.

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