A Banana Eye Masks Recipe To Ease Puffiness & Darkish Circles

To begin, you’ll be able to all the time simply rub pureed banana underneath your eyes—banana’s magnificence advantages alone are sufficient to assuage and brighten. Take it from board-certified household medication doctor, Bindiya Gandhi, M.D., who loves this all-natural remedy for swollen under-eyes.  

Or, you’ll be able to go for Mlotek’s banana peel route: “Take the white fibers contained in the banana peel and scrape them out,” she says. (A spoon might be essentially the most useful software to maintain the fragile fibers intact.) “Take the fibers and blend them with aloe; should you don’t have aloe, use your favourite moisturizer. Combine all of it collectively and gently faucet it underneath your eyes.” Depart the goop on for about 5 to 10 minutes earlier than rinsing nicely with lukewarm water. 

Irrespective of which recipe you select, make sure that to make use of organic-only bananas for the enterprise, if potential, as you do not wish to smear potentially-irritating pesticides in your pores and skin.

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