7 Gorgeous Make-up Artist Suggestions For Downturned Eyes

A daring cat-eye will help elongate any eye form—however for downturned eyes, two routes take you there. 

Compton suggests making the liner wing extra straight and thick. “Once you look down, it is best to have a straight line, not a curved hook form,” she says. This squares off the attention, which makes it seem extra even. For much more raise, she recommends making use of a dark-colored liner in your outer decrease waterline. 

Or, you’ll be able to flick the wing upward towards your forehead (like a conventional cat-eye), however draw your line simply earlier than the corners begin to slant downward reasonably than on the very finish of your eye. “Then to amp it up, use a concealer one to 2 shades lighter than your pores and skin, go proper subsequent to the liner, and it’ll raise it much more,” make-up artist Criss Scortezz says in a fast TikTok demonstration

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