3 Practices For Observing Your Thoughts, From A Yoga Teacher

Discover a snug seat, loosen up your physique, and really feel your shoulders descend because the again of your neck lengthens. Tuck your chin barely. Shut your eyes, and in your thoughts’s eye, draw an imaginary line from ear to ear. Discover the middle level of that line and relaxation your consideration there. Really feel as in case your consideration is seated there, close to the middle of your head.

Calm down your brow. Really feel your breath. Keep at that heart level in your head and observe your breath. Discover that ideas try to tug your consideration away from the middle of your head. Feeling your breath, be the observer or witness of your thoughts. Allow them to go, however hold your consideration anchored within the heart of your head, feeling your breath.

Very slowly open your eyes, retaining your consideration centered, and really feel the observer wanting by means of your eyes. Keep in your physique, looking of your eyes. In case your ideas velocity up, shut your eyes and regain your seat. 

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